Dominion Energy has a  16-year track record of Dividend Growth. We own 100 shares.

One of the reasons our portfolio of investments is a bit less volatile than the general market is our mix of dividend growth stocks. Good dividend growth stocks weather the bear market downturns and the mini squalls that come into the market. Utility stocks also bring some stability because they provide a product and service that almost everyone wants, needs and uses in bull and bear markets. The other advantage is that many utility stocks have a very good dividend yield.

Here is a view from Seeking Alpha regarding D’s dividend. Note the yield based on the closing market price, the payout ratio based on earnings, the 5-year growth rate and the number of years the dividend has grown. Although a payout ratio of 89% may seem high, it really is the norm for most utility stocks. Utilities tend to be low-growth and higher-yielding investments.

Dominion Energy (D) dividend growth from Seeking Alpha

.ETFs with D – If you own an ETF you may own a small slice of D. Both DVY and VYM hold positions in Dominion Energy.

Dominion is in DVY and VYM. Both are good for dividend investors.
Ford doesn’t really have a growing dividend, but Dominion does.