Marathon Petroleum (MPC) has a 9-year track record of Dividend Growth

Although Seeking Alpha says the dividend increase record is eight years, that is only because they don’t reflect the new increase. The five-year growth rate is a very respectable 18%. There are no guarantees that this will continue, but I have no intention of selling our 300 shares as they provide $696 in income per year. That is $58 per month, which is about what we use in fuel for our Ford Escape every month.

MPC Marathon Petroleum – eight years of increases
5 cents here and 5 cents there and soon you have a dollar.

Here is a view from Seeking Alpha regarding MPC’s dividend. Note the yield based on the closing market price, the payout ratio based on earnings, the 5-year growth rate and the number of years the dividend has grown. A payout ratio of 51.5% is sensible in my opinion.

Always pay attention to the dividend payout ratio.

ETFs with MPC – If you own an ETF you may own a small slice of MPC. VYM holds MPC and our grandchildren own VYM.

VYM is one of many ETFs with MPC.
MPC is a small slice of VYM. That is OK, because VYM is highly diversified.