Valero Energy Corporation is a Dividend Growth Powerhouse

Energy stocks can be quite volatile, but there is a benefit for the buy-and-hold dividend growth investor. Some energy sector stocks are known for robust dividend increases with rational dividend payout ratios. One of those companies is Valero Energy Corporation. We own 800 shares of VLO, which ranks as the number 5 investment in dollar terms in our investment mix. With this dividend increase, our dividends per year can buy a lot of gasoline at the pump. In fact, I think it would work out to 1,300 gallons of the gas we usually buy at today’s prices. At 20 miles per gallon, we could drive 26,000 miles using the dividends from just this one investment.

VLO Valero Energy dividend increase Ex-Date Feb. 11

ETFs with VLO – If you own an ETF you may own a small slice of VLO. One that our grandchildren own is DVY. Here are some other ETFs with VLO:

ETF DVY is in our grandchildren’s UTMA accounts
Using ETFCHANNEL you can seee DVY’s holdings.