Watch for when you own a stock (or ETF) position. The first is to know if the earnings have increased or decreased. Of course, that also means you want to try to understand what drove the results. The second thing I watch for is dividend announcements. If the dividend stays the same or increases, I am pleased. If the dividend is reduced it is likely that I will sell that position. Dividend reductions are generally not a good sign.

Intel Corporation Earnings News

There are some reasons INTC stock is up after the market closed. The first is that 2019 Q4 revenue grew 8% over 2018 Q4 revenue. The second is the company’s FY20 upside view for revenue of $73.5B, $5 EPS, 33% operating margin, and a 13% tax rate. Another is the gross margin was 60.1% compared to the 58.4% estimate. When the market closed this afternoon, INTC was at $63.32 per share. As I write this more than an hour later, the shares are trading above $67/share. In other words, investors trading after hours think the shares are worth 6% more than they were at 4PM CST.

INTC – Don’t miss the improved Gross Margin for INTC. That is important.
When Revenue and Earnings both beat that is a very good sign

Intel Corporation Dividend Increase News: To make the story even sweeter, Intel increased their dividend. The new quarterly dividend is $0.33/share. This is a 4.8% increase from prior dividend of $0.32. We own 523 shares of INTC.

Don’t think that $0.01 is a bad increase per share. The increase is 4.8%.

ETFs with INTC – If you own an ETF you probably have a small slice of INTC. Here are some of them, including VYM.

VYM holds INTC (2.51% of the total investments in VYM)

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