The Complete Picture at a High Level

Our Retirement Investment Building Blocks

This blog post is an update of all of our investment holdings. As of today, we have 107 unique holdings in seven Fidelity Investments accounts. The total estimated annual dividends from the investments in 2022 will be around $140,000. I am a dividend growth investor and I trade covered call options on some of the positions we own.

The number of unique ETF holdings is eleven. The two largest ETF holdings are VYM and DGRO.

There are fifteen unique real estate (REIT) holdings. The two largest REIT holdings are MPW and O. Most brokers and advisors would steer most investors away from this type of investment.

There are eleven unique BDC (Business Development Company) stocks. These tend to be high risk when there is market uncertainty. Buy them understanding that the primary goal is income.

There are twenty unique positions that do not pay a dividend. Some of these are very high risk and I do not recommend them for the uninformed investor. For example, do not buy shares of AMC, FLGT, RIDE, or SAVA unless you understand the risks.

Graph of Top Ten Investments

This graph is from Quicken to illustrate the fact that about 43% of our assets are devoted to ten investments. However, bear in mind that VYM, an ETF, makes up 8.5% of the total.

Top Ten Investments as of June 21, 2022

Asset Allocation Graph and Table

Our investment portfolio is “Aggressive” because I dislike bonds.

My investment approach is considered “aggressive” by just about any measure. However, I don’t believe my aggressive approach is unwise or high risk when compared with a non-dividend growth model. Dividend growth investing is a powerful engine.

Files Available for Your Use

I saved a PDF of the positions and the Excel Spreadsheet in a public Dropbox folder. The links to these files can be found here: