Many Investment Changes Since April 2020

2020 Investment Portfolio Update Coming Soon

So that my readers know what our actual investments are, at the end of 2019 I did a blog post listing all of our investments. A spreadsheet and a PDF were created and put in my public Dropbox folder. That spreadsheet was called “Proverbs27Flocks-Blog-Holdings-2019-12-23.xlsx.” Then, in 2020 I did another update called “Proverbs27Flocks-Blog-Holdings-2020-04-09.xlsx.” As you might imagine, I have made many changes since then. Part of the reason for the changes is my increasing focus on ETFs and my options trading strategy.

If you are interested in the 2020 post, go to this April 14, 2020 post: “The Covid-19 Sheep – Our Investment Holdings.” LINK

What Are Our Current Holdings?

The primary reason for this post is to alert my readers that old information is old information. Last Friday I had a phone conversation with one of my loyal readers. He has learned things from me, and I have learned some helpful things from him. (Thanks Billy!)

He mentioned my investment portfolio list and it made me realize that it is no longer a valid picture of our investment mix. Therefore, it is my goal to create an update in the next day or two, time permitting.

In the meantime, here are my current top five investments in my traditional IRA, which is the largest of our six Fidelity accounts. AVGO, STX, PFE, and F are not for the faint-hearted investor.

Wayne’s IRA: Top FIve Investments are VYM, AVGO, STX, PFE, and F.

Last update is two years old. LINK: 2020 INVESTMENTS