Some New Sheep in the Flock

Added SCHW and SSNC. Bought more NRIM and SVM.

On Friday I decided it was time to reinvest some of our August dividends and to take the profits from some of the August sales and reinvest them. In August I sold all of my AVGO shares, some of my AAPL, and 100 of my TGT shares.


SSNC and SCHW investment trade confirmation

I watch for potential buys that I believe have a long-term value proposition. Sometimes that means growing dividends are the focus, and other times the buy is related to what I believe is an undervalued price on a good company. I added the following to my ROTH IRA on Friday: Technology company SSNC (SSNC – SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc.) and financial company SCHW (The Charles Schwab Corporation). Schwab has an attractive dividend growth story. I bought SSNC because they have consistently posted earnings that beat expectations.

More of the Same

Bought more NRIM and more SVM too.

I added to my traditional IRA holdings on Friday as well. I already owned shares of NRIM, and as soon as I saw the dividend increase announcement, I bought more. I added to my shares of SVM because I think the demand for silver will increase, increasing the price of silver as a result. NRIM is an Alaskan bank and SVM is Silvercorp Metals Inc.

Full Disclosure

I now hold 500 shares of SVM and 200 shares of NRIM.