The name of my blog is proverbs27flocks. It is a reminder to me that I have resources on loan from God. He is the ultimate owner. Most of my posts are about biblical truth, lessons I learned from my mother (and others) and general investment ideas, including the way I select, manage, buy and sell investments. Until now I have never shared a list of our investments in this blog or on Facebook. There are dangers in doing so.

The first danger is this: just because I bought an investment doesn’t mean you should. I may have a holding that is speculative. I might not hold it for long. Nevertheless, most of my investments are meant to be for the long term, so there is some value in sharing the list. A second reason you might not buy something I own is that you already have an investment that is comparable and the one in my list might be unnecessary overlap. Your investment might be better for your needs. For example, some of my ETFs (DGRO, DVY, SCHD and VYM) aren’t the only game in town for dividend income.

Even so, you might learn something about how to build a quality investment portfolio by seeing a snapshot of our current holdings. There are 130 ETFs and stocks in this list. The list doesn’t include a couple of bonds or cash holdings. This list includes a stock I purchased today for the first time: PLD.

I use some colors to help the reader see the weighting and nature of the investments.

Investment Significance Key for Dropbox PDF and spreadsheet.

These are links to the investment lists – PDF and Excel spreadsheet – in my Public Dropbox folder:

This is the same file in an Excel format: