The utilities sector groups companies that provide the basics. This includes water, sewage services, electricity, dams, and natural gas. Utilities earn profits but don’t tend to be high growth investments. They are part of the public service landscape and are usually heavily regulated. They are one of my favorite money-making machines in just about any economy. The first good company I bought many years ago was a utility, but I no longer own shares of that utility.  I sold it at a huge profit.

BuyUpSide has some interesting sample portfolios for utilities. Each link has a table of some of the utilities in the different utility subsectors (electricity, water, etc) and some graphs. On the graph shown with this post I put a green star next to the utilities I currently own. NEE, XEL and ES are three of the top 37 biggest investments in my IRA. I’m not selling.

Think Utilities lack a profit opportunity? Think again.
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From BuyUpSide:

Portfolio of Electric Utilities Stocks, Diversikfied and Water Utilities: