Frank Sherry was a drummer with the Ben Wallace Circus and was the creator of Tiny Brother’s Circus, a miniature, handcrafted masterpiece of circus memories. Frank and my aunt became friends when he settled in Waukegan. He started building his miniature circus when he was 80 years old and completed it in five years. He displayed the circus, to my aunt’s delight, in her Pet Shop in Waukegan, IL. Later he gave it to her as a gift.

The Pet Shop 1964 – Tiny Brother’s Circus

Aunt Vera loves the circus! But she loves and trusts her Lord far more. During a recent visit she told Cindie, Violet and me, “At my age now, I come before the Lord and pray, ‘Alright, Lord, here’s another impossible thing.’”

The Tiny Brother’s Circus layout was 20 x 10 feet in size. I remember seeing it stored in her garage after The Pet Shop was sold. Now most of the pieces are in display cases in the lower level of the Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. My aunt lives about a block from the church and is a long-time member.

These The Pet Shop pictures are from December 1964 from the Waukegan News Sun. The Ben Wallace Circus pictures are from the various online resources. Redeemer Lutheran:

Frank Sherry played the drums for this circus.
Frank Sherry played the drums.