I don’t share information about my investment choices because I want you to buy them too. I subscribe to the “teach a boy to fish” thinking rather than “give the boy a fish” approach. I want you to know how to fish to catch or release the right investments.

iShares Select Dividend ETF Ticker DVY

DVY is one of my favorite holdings for our six grandchildren. Each of them owns about 12.5 shares and their shares are up in value by more than 26%. DVY is their largest holding as a percentage of each of their accounts. DGRO is in second place, but DGRO has grown by about 36% over the same time frame. Both are dividend-oriented, so you can see that dividend ETFs can perform differently. I don’t regret buying both, as that increases their diversification.

Now that is only part of the story. Because I think both technology and health care are growth industries, and because these accounts won’t be touched for several years, I also invested smaller amounts in health care (FHLC) and technology (FTEC). FTEC is up about 74% in the same time frame. The gain is good, but it isn’t a real gain until the positions are sold. FTEC’s yield is only 1.03%, so the goal isn’t dividends but growth. FHLC has a sweeter yield at 1.99%, but the growth in those has only been 21%. As you can see, growth may be a better choice for someone who is young.

For sake of comparison, I included WisdomTree US Total Dividend ETF (DTD) in Fidelity’s ETF comparison tool. Notice the basket holdings, Net Expense Ratio and the Dividend Yield.

Fidelity Investments ETF Comparison Tool.

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