DVY is one of my top four favorite dividend ETFs. I like it in a mix with DGRO, VYM and SCHD.

I like the top holdings in this ETF. Companies like McDonalds, Caterpillar, Kohl’s, Nextera Energy, Chevron, Valero Energy and Lockheed Martin are some of the top holdings. Buy with a long-term perspective and reinvest the dividends to build your share count. This then builds your dividend income every quarter. It is a nice snowball rolling down the hill.

DVY Data Points worth knowing:

Expense Ratio                                   0.39% a bit high BUT not bad.

Assets Under Management (AUM)  16.28B – I think this is smaller than is wise.

ETF Category                        Large Cap Value

Net Asset Value (NAV)         $88.22 per share

Total Holdings                     103 – good diversification.

Dividend yield                     3.31% – A solid yield even after expenses.

5-Year Returns                    5-year is 46.83% which is good.

Ranking (DVY – Real-Time SMART Grade™) on etfdailynews.com is #5 of 82 in this class of ETFs.

The XTF.COM rating for DIV is 9.3 out of 10.0 with four Morningstar stars.

Comparable ETFs: HDV, DGRO, VYM and SCHD.

You can find the XTF, Morningstar and other ratings when you are signed on to a Fidelity Investments accounts. I prefer the XTF rating over Morningstar.

Recommendation: Buy DVY and/or comparable ETFs for a long term plan. I use DVY in the UTMA accounts for our grandchildren. I still prefer VYM and SCHD for my personal IRA at this time.

DVY LINK: https://etfdailynews.com/etf/DVY/