Hallmark Holidays

Shirley Winquist Thanksgiving 2008

I’m not a big fan of Hallmark holidays, but I do like the fact that we celebrate mothers. While I know that not everyone has or had a wonderful mother, it is appropriate to be thankful for and honor our mothers. Far too many do not obey the Ten Commandments (I include myself in this multitude), but it is interesting to me that one of them is “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” Exodus 20:12. This is mixed in with commands like “don’t murder, don’t commit adultery, and don’t steal.” That makes it very important.

I’m afraid that we don’t take seriously the importance of honoring moms, but I think it is fundamental for a proper thinking about relationships. Therefore, although my mom was not perfect, she was and is worthy of honor. She has been gone for several years, but her instruction, love, encouragement, forgiveness, and grace live on in my heart and in the rest of our family.

Wayne and Mom 1951
Mom and Wayne 1972 Signalman Apprentice US Navy

I’d love to hear your thoughts about your mom. Better yet, tell her something that honors her if you still have that opportunity.

Special Moms in My Life

Shirley May Winquist, Wayne, Cindie, and Charlotte Boyles
Matt, Kelly, Mom, and Dad
George, Charlie, Wayne, Mom, and Henry 2013
Shirley May Winquist, Thanksgiving 2014
Mom’s 80th birthday and Violet in 2009
Mom and Wayne at Famous Dave’s 2006
Thanksgiving and Birthday 2014
Three Generations – Mom, Sharon and her granddaughters
Mom and Wayne in May 2009
Matt, Elisabeth, and their wonderful mother: Cindie
Shirley May Winquist at Elmbrook Church 2004 – missions trip to Belize
Mom and Mia – Thanksgiving 2006

Although I only had one mom, and she was a good one, I have had the privilege of observing many other wonderful moms. First on the list is my wife, Cindie. Then there was Cindie’s mom, Charlotte. Of course, we have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, Elisabeth who is also a special mother to four of our grandchildren. And then there is our son’s wife, Kelly, who has blessed us with two beautiful granddaughters.

Be thankful for the various moms in your life.

All scripture passages are from the English Standard Version except as otherwise noted.