2005 Texas Memories

Trusting God for What is Best – Cindie, Kelly, Matthew and Wayne at DTS in 2005

This morning as I was moving a picture to a folder in my Windows PICTURES folder. As I was doing that, I noticed some pictures from 2005 that were taken in Texas. These pictures warmed my heart and reminded me of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty. It caused me to listen to some messages our son, Matthew Winquist, preached at Wildwood Church in East Moline, Illinois in 2022. Cindie and I are looking forward to hearing him preach in person on March 5, 2023.

Dallas Theological Seminary Graduation

The pictures I found were of our son, his wife Kelly, Cindie, my mom, and my brother and his family. It was a happy day because Matt graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary. This was evidence of the sovereignty and goodness of God. Had you asked me when Matt was five years old, or 15 years old, or even 20 years old if he would graduate from a theological seminary, I would have said, “no, that doesn’t seem like our son.” But God had other plans.

God’s Plans Are Always Best

There have been times in my life when the going was not easy. Being a parent is not easy. Working in the information technology field was not easy. Sickness, shingles, skin problems and surgery are not easy. Life can be full of things that are not easy. However, easy is not the best way for me to change or grow. I am not who I am today because life was or is or will be easy.

So it has been with our son. He has been stretched and has grown through many of his life’s experiences. Those have been good. As a result of the stretching and growth, God sees fit to use him in the preaching and teaching of truth.

My Favorite Preacher

I really enjoy listening to good preaching. Our pastor, Jeremy Scott is a fine preacher. Our former pastor, Craig Jarvis was also a blessing in my life. I enjoyed listening to Charles Stanley and to R.C. Sproul.  Pastor Edward Fuller, who was our pastor at Garfield Baptist Church in Wauwatosa was also a favorite and I still remember some of his messages. But, all of those excellent servants of God who are in my top ten preachers, are not in the first place in my heart.

My favorite preacher is our son. So, let me encourage you to listen to some of his sermons. One of these Cindie and I heard in person.

The Book of Romans

If you know anything about the book of Romans, you will know that the Apostle Paul was preaching a message about man’s sinfulness, God’s salvation, the Spirit’s work of sanctification, God’s sovereignty, and our opportunities to respond to God’s love and then serve Him. Here are three messages that you should take some time to consider. Listen to the sermon where Matt talks about earning platinum status. Our son has platinum status in my heart.

Matt Winquist – November 6, 2022

A False Sense of Security – Romans 2:17-24 (Earning Platinum Status) – Preaching about his favorite passage in the Bible.

Matt Winquist – A False Sense of Security Romans 2:17-21

Matt Winquist – August 7, 2022 – Romans 6:1-23

Sanctification of the Saved | Romans Overview Week 3

Matt Winquist – Sanctification of the Saved Romans 6:1-23

Matt Winquist – August 14, 2022 – Romans 9:1-33

The Sovereignty of God | Romans Overview Week 4

Matt Winquist – August 14, 2022 – The Sovereignty of God – Romans 9:1-33

You can listen to more sermons by our son by going to this link and selecting him from the dropdown for speakers.

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Matt Winquist – Discipleship Pastor at Wildwood Church