This informational blog post is for all of my readers. I am approaching 900 blog posts. It is hard to find things when you have to search through 900 pieces. You may find more in my blog with less effort if you understand how to search for information, how to get notified when I post a new article, and what you can find using the “Categories” I have set up for navigating to topics of interest.

Tips for navigating the Proverbs27Flocks blog.

A Recommendation About Reading My Blog

Sometimes I create a series of articles that are meant to be read in the order they were written. For example, I just finished the tenth post in the covered call options series. I recommend that most readers should digest them in sequence. Also, to navigate to posts focused on just options, including some older ones, you can scroll down on the main page and look for “Options Trading” under Categories on the right side of the page.

I tag every article with a category or categories to help readers find topical items of interest to them. So, for example, an article about options trading might be tagged with Options Trading, Covered Calls, and Selling Puts.

Searching My Blog

Use the magnifying glass symbol

You can search for things you are interested in using the magnifying glass. This is located in the top right corner of my blog. For example, you could enter “Selling Investments” to see if I have written anything about that topic. If you did, you would see articles like this one: Ten Reasons to Avoid Selling Investments

Email Subscriptions

I won’t send you spam or marketing emails

If you want to know about new posts to my blog, you can enter your email address in the place provided. “Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.” I will not send you any marketing emails. I don’t sell anything, and all of my advice and training is free. However, in rare cases I might want to bill someone (with their permission) if they want considerable help and advice. I have not done that yet, but I don’t want anyone to think my time is limitless. In the future, if I were to write a book, that would be something I would not give away for free.

Favorite Links Help you locate things that I think will help you with investing or life.


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Dividend History Index         

Investopedia Terms             

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Paul Tripp Articles                

Seeking Alpha Dividends    

Wayne’s Consulting               

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Blog Categories

Each blog post has been tagged with at least one category. There are some that are primarily focused on investing. Some are focused on topics that are personal like book reviews, family history, “Monday with Mom” (mother), Letters to my Grandchildren, biblical truth, “Five Minute Friday”, theology, worship, teaching children, wills and trusts, and my Aunt Vera’s Pet Shop. I talk about friends and helping family.

When it comes to investing, you will certainly find topics about annuities, bonds, buying and selling investments, dividend growth, ETFs, mutual funds, retirement, social security, options trading, REITs, our top five investments, and our top-ten investments. A complete list of the categories as they stand today follows.



Asset Allocation


Biblical Truth


Book Review


Buying investments

Covered Calls


Dividend Growth


Family Videos

Five Minute Friday

Freshwater Aquarium


Healthcare Insurance

Helping Family




Investing Idea



Market Terms




Mutual Funds

Options Trading

Plan to Succeed




Research Investments


Roll Options


Selling Investments

Selling Puts

Social Security

Teaching Children

The Pet Shop

Tools and Tips

Top Five Investments

Top Ten Investments


Wills and Trusts

Winquist Family History

Wisdom for Living

WISE Investing