Getty Realty Corp is a Real Estate Investment REIT

GTY Getty Realty Corporation Announced a Dividend Increase

People ask me what type of investor I am. I am primarily a dividend-growth oriented investor. That means most of the investments are stocks and ETFs where the dividend is likely to increase. This is not wishful thinking. It is based on analysis and historical evidence. It usually is not surprising when one of our companies, or one of our ETFs has a dividend increase. This helps us increase our giving and stay ahead of inflation.

Seeking Alpha Information

Getty Realty Corporation QUANT Rating is “STRONG BUY” – SOURCE: Seeking Alpha

GTY has all of the attributes I look for in an investment. The QUANT rating is solid, the yield is reasonable, the dividend is growing, the FFO is good, and the REIT has sufficient internal diversification. It also has a broad base of businesses, including Aloha Petroleum, Jiffy Lube, bp, Valvoline, 7Eleven, and ZIPS Car Wash. Although GTY is not in every state, it has decent geographic diversification.

GTY – Almost a Five Percent Dividend Increase
Getty Realty Dividend Increases from 2018 to 2022

Maps and Portfolio Stuff

The images below are from the Getty Realty web site. I moved things around to make the information a bit easier to digest. When you buy a REIT, look for different kinds of diversification, but with some specialization and focus.

Company Profile – Getty Realty Corp.

Portfolio Diversification with a focus on the upper left quadrant.

Getty Realty Corp. is the leading publicly traded real estate investment trust in the United States specializing in the ownership, leasing and financing of convenience store and gasoline station properties. As of September 30, 2020, the Company owned 896 properties and leased 58 properties from third-party landlords in 35 states across the United States and Washington, D.C.

Getty’s Portfolio LINK

Full Disclosure

Cindie and I own 1,375 shares of GTY as a long-term investment. I recently added shares when I saw the dividend had increased. My purchase price was $30 per share for the additional 175 shares.

NOTES: FFO is “Funds from Operations.”

REIT is pronounced “RATE.” I have been known to say “REET” and “RIGHT” but I looked it up and it looks like RATE is the right pronounciation. Always learning something new!