Aunt Vera’s Funeral is Today

There is a funeral today. Cindie and I will be there.

Aunt Vera Meyer is now Home!

Truths About My Aunt Vera

The world lost a wonderful lady, mother, aunt, and follower of Jesus. This loss happened on October 5, 2022. However, she is not sad today. She is rejoicing. Although she was a special aunt to me, with an infectious laugh and profound joy, she had a hope that was secure. I raise tropical fish because she started me on that journey when she gave me a starter 10-gallon aquarium as a boy. This was something she brought to me from her store, The Pet Shop, in Waukegan, Illinois. She was always generous.

This is a portion of her obituary: “Vera owned and operated a pet store in Waukegan from 1952 until 1979. In 1981 Vera and Bill retired to the Rhinelander area. Vera was an avid reader with her own special library. She also was devoted to sharing the message of the love of Jesus. For many years, she was a teacher for the mentally handicapped, weekly spending several hours teaching and guiding them in their faith in Jesus. Vera moved to the Tomahawk area in 1998. Her motivation for life was to share Jesus with everyone she met because she wanted to see them in heaven. She was a faithful member of Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church.” LINK

Two Reminders from the Scriptures

Aunt Vera’s death was precious in God’s eyes. He saw her heart and her faith in the finished work of Jesus. She was a saint in every sense of the word. It was her standing in Christ’s righteousness and the way she lived her life. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15

There is a strange verse in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. It says, “A good name is better than precious ointment, and the day of death than the day of birth.” Ecclesiastes 7:1 Why is the day of Aunt Vera’s death better than the day of her birth? Because the day of her birth brought her into a world full of sin, heartache, sickness, Parkinson’s disease, family losses, hardships, financial stresses, and probably other things she hid from others. Her mind was both sharp and kind. She was not prone to gossip, and she was rich in mercy.

Her death, however, has removed all of the negatives from her vision. She sees Jesus. She is with family who went before her. She is free of Parkinson’s. Her death was far better, for her, than her birth. Solomon was right.

Aunt Vera would want you to know, trust and follow her Jesus. He saves sinners, makes them saints and he prepared a place for one of his saints: Aunt Vera.

All scripture passages are from the English Standard Version except as otherwise noted.