Is This Investment Going to Flounder?

GSL is a small-cap International Investment in the shipping sector.

Today’s post is going to be short on text. The story will be primarily in pictures. For the novice investor, who has limited resources, GSL (Global Ship Lease Inc) should not be a core holding. It is a very small company and there are many unknowns on the horizon. However, I rather doubt that international movement of goods is going to be permanently harmed by inflation. I rather suspect that more goods will move as companies adjust to some new realities.

There are some encouraging pictures that follow, and there are some that should cause you to pause before you buy shares of GSL. I often remind myself that bigger rewards sometimes require bigger risks. I can afford to wait for the rewards when others are fearful.

I have 1,000 shares of GSL in my ROTH IRA Account. I am bullish.
Climent Molins shares insignts on Seeking Alpha. I think he is right.
GSL is not for the faint-hearted investor or an investor with limited resources.
The dividend payout ratio is one of the more important dividend sustainability values. Unless earnings sink dramatically, this dividend is reasonably safe.
While we don’t know the future, it seems likely that EPS will increase for the next year or so.

Full Disclosure

I have invested in GSL shares in our own retirement accounts, and in the UTMA accounts for our grandchildren.

GSL Shares in all of the accounts I manage.