Wisconsin Buns

Wayne Winquist and Birthday Cake Number 71 Wisconsin Buns

When I was growing up, my mom would make a wonderful treat for the family. Just about every week she would make a dessert we called “Wisconsin Buns.” I really don’t know the original name of the recipe. We lived in Naperville Illinois until I was around fifteen years old before we actually moved to Wisconsin. The recipe came from someone my mom knew who was, as I recall, a Wisconsinite.

Wisconsin Buns Recipe from Mom

The Wisconsin Buns recipe is probably similar to “Cinnamon Sugar Monkey Bread Recipe.” Here is a LINK.

When Cindie asked me what type of cake I wanted for my birthday, the first thing that popped into my mind was poppyseed cake. Mom used to make that in a heart-shaped pan for my birthday. But another favorite dessert is Wisconsin Buns, so that is what I asked for this year.

Wisconsin Buns – Lots of butter and sugar and cinnamon!

It was fun to share the treat with our daughter’s family last night. There were leftovers, so I ate them this morning!

But I have another birthday treat for my morning coffee. These wonderful sugar cookies are from our daughter, Beth. She makes wonderful sugar cookies.

Beth’s Sugar Cookies