What I Write May Not Match What You Want or Need

Why do you read my blog?

From time-to-time it is wise to ask those you serve what they like (and dislike) about the services and advice you provide. Most businesses do that, and although I don’t write or teach to make money, I like to think of my Flocks and Herds blog as a service. I like to serve multiple audiences, so I know many of my readers have specific interests.

Some of my posts are related to wise living and right thinking. Others are focused on investment advice and recommendations. One series was done at the request of my Aunt Vera, who owned The Pet Shop in Waukegan for many years while others are my way of sharing a bit of biographical and autobiographical information about myself and my family.

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WordPress statistics help me know where my readers live and if I am being helpful. However, they don’t answer questions like the ones above and they don’t tell me who you are!