Ten Minutes of Portfolio Review Monday thru Friday

Seeking Alpha provides a wealth of information for stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.

It rarely takes me more than ten minutes every Monday through Friday to review our investments. Often it is less than two minutes. The secret is the tool I use. Seeking Alpha (SA) is a huge help and time-saving resource. Let me give you a quick sampling.

A portion of one email for my ROTH IRA.

The Morning SA Email Update

Every morning, fairly early in the morning, I receive a series of emails that give me updates on all of the positions in each of our accounts. I open the email, glance at it for anything of importance, and then delete it 90% of the time.  This morning, however, I was pleased to see some information about several of my ROTH IRA positions. This caused me to click on the link in the email to learn more about my ABBV position. I did the same for ASX. The SA information for these two positions is shown below.

Comparing the Ratings

The nice thing about comparing companies on SA is that you can customize the comparison. You can start with the SA peers, but then delete positions and add others in. I did a compare of the peers of ABBV, deleted all but the ABBV position, and added ASX, PFE, and STAG. The following image provides a wealth of information, including the relative ranking of each of these by their respective business sectors and industry. The lower the number, the better.

The Seeking Alpha comparison tool is very powerful. This is just a tiny piece of the data available using this tool

Positions Review

Seeking Alpha also makes it easy for me to see all of my holdings in any of our accounts. The following screen is just a taste from my ROTH IRA.

If there are no ratings, it is an option position. For example, ABBV is a covered call trade.


Serious investors don’t fly blind and don’t make decisions without input from a reliable source or sources. SA is that source for me. I never buy or sell any investment before checking a couple of things regarding the position, including earnings growth, dividend growth, and the Quant ratings. If you are serious about anything in life, you use an appropriate tool to help you accomplish your goals. That should include your investing decisions.