Some of these things are like the others.

FIve Minute Friday SUNRISE

When the Sesame Street song is sung, the idea is to identify which one is different. But there is another component to this song that came to mind when I saw today’s word “sunrise.” I have been to most of the states, to Canada, Mexico, India, and even lived for a couple of years in Hawaii. One thing that is the same, regardless of where I have been, is sunrise. The sunrise is not really the sun rising, as you know. But it looks like it is. And the way it appears in the east is beautiful regardless of where you are on the planet.

People Are Not Like the Others – and yet they are

In addition, I have noticed that people everywhere I go are “not like the others” – and you have too. That makes life interesting, challenging, and fun as we learn about our similarities and differences. Cindie and I have two children and six grandchildren. All of them are not like the others. But all of them are like the others in our love for them. We don’t love any single child or grandchild differently.

Each person is unlike and like the others

I sometimes say that our oldest granddaughter, Violet, is “my favorite.” In a sense, she is very unlike the others, so there are certain things about this lovely granddaughter causing her to be my favorite. But then I think of Mia, the second-oldest grandchild. She is my favorite too. Noelle is the third of our granddaughters, and guess what – she is not like the others, and she is my favorite too. The same is true of Charlie, Henry, and George. None of them is like the others, and all of them are my favorites for different reasons.

What amazes me, is that we are all alike in so many different ways. But each of us is not like the others. Our faces, fingerprints, voices, and skills are all unique. God, in his great wisdom and creativity, created not only the sun and “sunrise”, but he makes each person unique. Sadly, we are all the same in one tragic way: as sinners we will all die.

Thankfully, God knew we needed a Savior, and we are all alike in God’s goodness towards us if we believe in his Son: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 He died for me, and he rose again. He was the best Son Rise.

So as the sun rises this morning, it reminds me that I too shall rise. Our children will rise. And our grandchildren who have received God’s gift will also rise. I pray that they will believe. Will you rise?

Five Minute Friday

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