TXN Sold Me a Calculator around 1976

A long time ago I bought what was then a state-of-the-art calculator. It was, if my memory is correct, a TI-50. It was amazing because it had a “memory.” I use that term loosely, because compared to my iPhone it was a veritable dunce.

My first calculator was very expensive. I think I paid about $120, which was a huge investment in 1976
The TXN dividend increase announcement.

Texas Instruments Now Pays Me

As an owner of TXN shares, I now reap the benefits of the increase in the value of my shares, but I also get money I can use for other purposes. TXN recently declared a substantial increase in their dividends of 13.3%. In a Covid-19 year, that is rather remarkable. It is even better than Microsoft’s recent dividend increase of 9.8%.

TXN raised their dividend from $0.90 per share to $1.02 per share.
Yield for TXN is respectable. I’m more interested in the dividend growth.

Full Disclosure

I hold 125 shares of TXN. I don’t plan to buy more shares at this time.