AvalonBay Communities

AvalonBay Communities (Ticker AVB) Location Location Location

If you are going to buy properties, always remember location, location, and location. If you are buying rental properties, remember the same thing. One of the reasons I like AvalonBay (AVB) as an investment, is that they are careful about location and the quality of and types of buildings they own.

Short and Sweet

In my recent posts I have talked about the tools I use at Seeking Alpha when I am buying investments. Adding shares of AVB is no exception. Even though I already own shares, before I buy more, I do the same check of some key factors. The images that follow are crucial in my evaluation process. I want growing dividends, a sensible FFO for all REIT investments, and I want a company that is likely to be in business ten years from now.

Dividend Scorecard looks solid for AVB
AVB is showing a nice upward increase in the dividend paid to shareholders.
AVB’S FFO looks good. There is some COVID-19 risk associated with this investment.
The New York metro area might be cause for concern (COVID-19)

Full Disclosure

I now hold 85 shares of AVB. I will buy more shares if the price continues downward. AVB announced their next quarterly dividend September 16, 2020. The Ex-Dividend Date is September 29, 2020. I’d like to be at 100 shares by that date.

I plan to buy more before the Ex-Dividend date.