Some New Sheep in the Flock

Added NNN as a long-term real estate investment.

When the stock market has an “up” day I usually ignore it. I might sell something that has gone up dramatically, but I usually don’t add much on a euphoric investing day. That doesn’t mean I never buy on positive day, but the opportunities are usually better for buys when others are selling. This week, the market took a turn down, so I bought shares of four different companies.

The Addition is really more pasture than sheep: NNN

Most “full service” brokers hesitate to recommend REITs to their clients. I understand why, but I don’t have the same concerns that a broker has. In the real world, I think real estate is a desirable investment. However, as I have said many times before, I don’t want to buy, maintain, repair, and deal with my own properties and the tenants. One good alternative is the Real Estate Investment Trust. This week I added an old friend back into my IRA: National Retail Properties Inc. (Ticker: NNN) I sold my NNN shares a couple of years ago for a handsome profit. The shares dropped in value during this year, so I bought 100 shares at $37.06 on Tuesday. I may add more.

NNN’s dividend scorecard is what I like to see. Twenty years of increasing dividends. Excellent yield and dividend growth.
NNN Dividend Growth. A picture is worth a lot of numbers.
NNN holds a diversified portfolio of real estate over 48 states.
Seeking Alpha Authors and Wall Street Ratings. FFO are good for this REIT.

More of the Same

When the market is down, I selectively buy more shares of good companies.

In addition to NNN, I added to my positions of Verizon (VZ), Crown Castle (CCI), and Cardinal Health (CAH). Each of these pays a growing dividend.

Full Disclosure

I now hold 300 shares of VZ, 135 shares of CCI, and 250 shares of CAH.