Verona Vision Care

Sometimes you can immediately know a lot about a service business by the name of the business. Cindie and I had driven by Verona Vision Care many times, but it never occurred to me to do business there. In recent years we have used Target Optical, and during the early days I really liked the Doctor of Optometry who examined our eyes and took care of us. He listened and he was an excellent caregiver. After he moved from the nearby Target location, I more-or-less neglected to get eye exams. The last time I did, my vision hadn’t changed much, so I was able to stick with the glasses I already had.

Over time, I began to wonder if it was time to get a new pair of glasses. Cindie also wanted to do the same, as she was having difficulty reading some things. As many do, I asked our Facebook friends for recommendations. One business that came up was Verona Vision Care. The last word in their name, “care”, tells an accurate story. Some places offer care without caring. Some offer care but the quality might be lacking.

Defining Care

Care for some is just the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone. Elder care, for example, might focus on the elderly without caring. Care is to be concerned, interested, and focused on another’s needs in a loving or at least kindly manner.

Quality of Care

At Verona Vision CARE, each person that took care of us was friendly, helpful, and focused on our needs. I liked the way Dr. Emmylou Wilson took the time to answer my questions. She didn’t rush and she wasn’t trying to sell me anything. In the end, my prescription hadn’t changed much, and she was able to tell me a great deal about my eye health, including that I have a cataract developing in my left eye. She told me not to do anything about it, as it wasn’t in need of any corrective action at this point. She explained everything she saw in the images of my eyes.

Exaxmination of my left eye

Quality of Service

The care didn’t stop with the employee who did the work before I saw Dr. Wilson or with Dr. Wilson. It continued with the person who helped me select frames. She treated me as a long-lost friend, and we enjoyed good conversation. I told her I was very frugal and didn’t want designer frames. She gave me many good options, including the frames I am wearing today. Finally, when we picked up our new glasses, everything about that was focused on making certain we were satisfied.


If you ask me for my recommendation for a place to have an eye exam or get a new pair of glasses, the first business that will pop into my mind is Verona Vision Care. They live up to their name.

This doctor provides care and cares.

LINK: Verona Vision Care