When An Insider Buys

The recent insider activity at Pfizer has been mostly selling at prices lower than the current price. In addition, the sales were at a price less than the buy price Mr. Baylock paid. Furthermore, although Mr. Baylock can “afford” to buy $500,000 of PFE shares, he isn’t an idiot. Therefore, I believe he sees the company’s future as attractive and profitable. Of course, we really don’t know his true motivations.

Watch for Insider Behaviors

However, we can afford to wait. The following screen images help tell the story. Don’t miss what happened with the dividends in 2008. That is a caution flag for investors who have a written rule that says they should sell any position that reduces or suspends their dividend.

Pfizer Overview and the new CEO.
The dividend picture is attractive for many investors (ticker: PFE)
The dividend growth was interrupted in the Great Recession. (PFE)
2008: Dividend growth was interrupted in the Great Recession. (PFE)

Full Disclosure

Cindie and I own 2,600 shares of PFE as a long-term investment and to have some reasonably consistent dividend income.

Wallmine Link: PFE

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