Trade Armor view

ATP’s Trade Armor Tool

One of the powerful tools offered by Fidelity Investments is their Fidelity Active Trader Pro (ATP) software that I run on my Windows 10 laptop. I can configure the screen to suit my needs. One of the windows I always have open in ATP is called “Trade Armor.” Trade Armor makes it very easy to enter alerts for my positions for positions in my watch list.

Price Alerts

For example, if a stock I own is trading for $1.00 per share, I might enter price alerts to tell me if the share price drops to $0.75/share or rises about $1.25 per share. I then get email alerts and alerts to the ATP application to tell me about the price trigger.

Entering Buys and Sells

The other nice feature is the ability to enter buy and sell orders very quickly with very few clicks. This is much easier than the web-based solutions most investors use. It also gives me visibility to my share lots (if I bought more shares over time) and the cost basis. I can also sell covered calls using the Trade Armor tool.

Today’s Video

Today’s video is just over two minutes long. In this video I give a brief explanation of some of the Trade Armor features I am using for a stock in my traditional IRA. One correction about my commentary is in order. I bought my 400 shares of BHTG in January 2020, and I sold 100 of those shares this morning, not in “January” as I said during my video capture.

Dropbox link to the Video:  2020-06-29_BHTG-TradeArmour-Video.mp4