This is better said “I like waste-related industrials”

Trash can be viewed from many perspectives. I try to keep our production of trash to a minimum. There are many ways to do this. We put things in the recycle bin. We try to compost most of our scraps. I often refuse a bag at the checkout or bring our own insulated bags when buying groceries. But I also see trash and waste from an investor’s perspective. I’m like Oscar the Grouch in that regard. I love trash if it is done well.

The reason for this post is due to a news item I saw this morning on Seeking Alpha. I view this news as good news for the long-term ownership of WM (Waste Management) shares.

Waste Management buying Advanced Disposal Services

I also like the dividend growth story.

WM is a solution for dividend growth opportunities.

Full Disclosure

We own 200 shares of WM in my traditional IRA and another 102 shares in our brokerage account as a long-term investments. The IRA investment is up more than 250% since I originally purchased the shares in 2011 for about $29/share. I’ve been collecting dividends since that time. I also own 122 shares of RSG, another waste industrial firm. Cindie holds 25 shares of RSG in a traditional IRA.