Gladstone Land (Ticker LAND)

Good news from a good REIT. Ticker LAND.

My favorite pie is rhubarb pie, followed by rhubarb-apple or rhubarb-cherry. You get the idea. I like rhubarb. Dad liked pecan pie. That was his favorite and he could eat a whole pie, or two, enjoying every bite. I think he would also like this investment.

It is easy to remember the ticker symbol  for this microcap REIT. Because it is a microcap, it might not be suitable for every person’s portfolio. However, I like land and LAND. I own 250 shares of LAND in my ROTH IRA. In the short time I have owned the shares they are up over 22%.

Note the Ex-Dividend Date if you want June’s dividend.

If you want to know more, here is a link to Gladstone’s investor relations page: LAND

Here is an image from REITNOTES. I always look for a score of 7.0 or better, so this one might be considered more risky from a dividend sustainability perspective.

Image from REITNOTES