Home Depot is a place I frequently use for many things. Invest too!

Bought more shares of HD

I entered an order to buy 25 more shares of Home Depot and then I went and made banana bread, did a load of laundry, moved tree branches to the street for yard waste pickup and did some financial work for my brother-in-law and my mother-in-law. I was pleased to see the 25 shares of HD were delivered to me while I was away from my computer and ignoring my iPhone.

Show me the Money

As a dividend growth investor, I want to see a good 5-year track record of dividend increases. The payout ratio has to be sensible and the business should be one with the potential for continuing growth. HD meets my requirements.

Seeking Alpha will update the dates to reflect the announced dividend.

What I do when others sell because of short-term News

Of course, I don’t buy if the reason others are selling is based on sound, long-term thinking and logic based on data. But I looked at my requirements and decided a sell-off today would be an opportunity for a long-term strategy.

When I saw today’s news I entered my buy order.