And God’s Will for You is?

I have been to the dentist three times so far this year. The first time was on March 5th because a tooth had a funny ache. The hygienist cleaned my teeth and the dentist came in to check on my issue. While exploring and probing, a crown popped off the lower right molar. Underneath he found an infected tooth. He scheduled me for a visit with another dentist in his office to see if the remaining tooth could be repaired. This first visit cost $227.05. I was to rejoice and be thankful for this circumstance.

On March 10th I saw the second dentist. In the end, he told me the tooth would have to come out. It was beyond saving. He said I needed to see a dental surgeon. For the March 10th work, the bill came to $297.35. Because we do not carry dental insurance, I paid the bill. I was to rejoice and be thankful for this circumstance and the lingering pain.

The surgery was scheduled. Then coronavirus struck and the dental office was closed. I was to rejoice and be thankful for this. The surgery was rescheduled and then cancelled again due to the governor’s “safer at home” order. I was to rejoice and be thankful in this as well. The surgery was rescheduled for May 6th, and it was completed yesterday. It cost $441.75.

The total cost of this broken crown and infected tooth was $966.15. I rejoice and am thankful. I rejoice that God had a plan and a will for me that was something other than I would choose. I am thankful for each detour. I don’t claim to understand the reasons, but I don’t have to. I know God has my good in mind and his glory. I probably sound like a crazy person. Who in their right mind loves broken teeth, dental appointments, dental surgery and spending almost a $1,000 for one tooth? I don’t. But I do know that God loves me and that nothing comes into my life or path without a good reason.

Sometimes we try too hard to figure out what God’s will is when the answer is uncomplicated. In three short verses, the Apostle Paul covered three of the many things that are God’s will for me.

It is God’s will for me to rejoice always. Not sometimes. Not just when things are going “my” way. Not just when I am happy and enjoying life. Always.

Secondly, Gods will for me is for me to pray without ceasing. Just because God’s answer is slow in coming (from my limited perspective) it doesn’t mean he is ignoring me or unaware of my needs. Sometimes he delays to see if I am really serious about something. Just because I think I have a need this moment, doesn’t mean that I really have a need. It might just be a temporary want that won’t be good for me in the long run.

Finally, I am in God’s will if I give thanks in all circumstances. I am thankful for the many people who cared for me. God gave me the right caregivers. Dr. Weightman was God’s means to take care of the problem. She did the work and God provides the healing.

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18