Many wonderful enhancements are now available.

In October last year I shared some of my insights about a new iPhone app created with dividend investors in mind. Over the last four months the developer has completed several great enhancements to the tool.

Because I have a dividend-centric approach to investing, having a tool that quickly gives me information about dividends is very helpful. Here are some key features I like:

  1. You can see monthly income based on confirmed and estimated dividends. Estimated dividends are often correct, as most dividends do not change from quarter-to-quarter.
  2. Projected Dividends including the “Next Deposit” (for my portfolio it is currently showing March 5th), Current Quarter, Thru Year End and Outlook for the Year. This view shows percent confirmed and percent estimated in each category.
  3. Dividend changes by Period: Month, Quarter and Year. For example, I can see the percentage change for my WMT shares and the dollar value of that change.
  4. Dividend Comparison shows the top ten dividend payouts. In my IRA, for example, MAIN is number one in the top ten, followed by ARCC, VYM, VLO, PFE, ABR, CVI, GAIN, MPW and CM. This is shown in a pie chart and includes the dividend yield and the total dollar amount for each individual position.
  5. The main screen shows the “Yield on Market”, “Yield on Cost” and projected yearly income. In my case, my yield on market is 4.25% and my yield on cost is 5.02%.
  6. The best is saved for last. There is a nice calendar feature that shows, my month or by day some vital investor information. You can view your positions by Ex-Dividend Date, Dividend Pay Date or by Earnings Date.

For example, the view below shows my traditional IRA March 2020 incoming ETF and stock dividends by pay date. On the left the entire month is displayed. On the right you can see a better view of March 10th. On the tenth I will receive dividends from IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Marathon, Sonoco and Target. I can then plan to use the cash or reinvest as I see fit.

Dividend Tracker Pay Date Calendar March 2020 – Wayne’s IRA

Even better, I can tap on Target and see a wealth of additional information as shown below. This is just a small piece of the screen as I scrolled down. Please note that Target is INCREASING their dividend. The bottom chart shows the yield has been going down as the stock price is going up. More investors want TGT shares. The “Recent Dividends” chart shows the increasing dividends in dollars. Because I bought some shares when the price was lower, my yield on cost is 4.1%. The actual percentage yield is now less because the shares are much more valuable.

Dividend Tracker view of Target (TGT)