Dividend Growth ETFs can make a big difference in your retirement portfolio.

The following is a snapshot of one granddaughter’s ETF investments in her UTMA account. As you can see, I have a mix of broadly diversified ETFs like DGRO, DVY, VYM and VEU. I have also selectively invested in some sectors, including FTEC, FHLC and FENY. Recently I started buying shares of a diversified financial company that pays a monthly dividend. The ticker symbol for that holding is MAIN.

Light blue are SECTOR ETFs. MAIN is not an ETF.

The success of my strategy is focusing on a broad mix of different types of investments that have a proven track record for market growth and dividend growth. In January I sold some of their FTEC shares and in February I sold some of their DVY shares. I did this because I think DGRO has more long-term growth potential and because I wanted to diversify into VEU and MAIN. The table above shows where I am in the process, with about $275 remaining in each account for some additional purchases.

The following Seeking Alpha snapshot of DGRO, DVY, VYM, VEU, FTEC and FHLC shows some key factors I consider when buying an ETF. I want to see dividend growth as a key feature. Dividend yield is nice to have, but not at the expense of growth.

Comparing Dividend Growth – DGRO, DVY, VYM, VEU, FTEC and FHLC

Why did I add a stock (MAIN) instead of continuing with just ETF’s?

Main Street Capital Corp