Corning has a  9-year track record of Dividend Growth

Corning (GLW) declared a $0.22/share quarterly dividend. This is a 10% increase from prior dividend of $0.20.

The forward yield is 3.14% and it is payable March 31 for shareholders of record Feb. 28. The important ex-div date is February 27. Corning Incorporated engages in display technologies, optical communications, environmental technologies, specialty materials, and life sciences businesses worldwide. It is an information technology company. They make Gorilla Glass. If you use technology, you probably use a Corning product.

You need tough components for most consumer techology tools.

Corning doesn’t have a large place in our portfolio. We own 150 shares. But many pieces of our portfolio pay increasing dividends.  This provides income growth without having to buy and sell investments to raise cash for living expenses. We do own shares of ETF VYM. VYM holds GLW shares.

One of the nice things about the Seeking Alpha website is that you can create a portfolio to get news updates via email. Because I added GLW to my portfolio, I received a message alerting me to the dividend increase. This is an opportunity message as well. I might buy more shares based on the improving dividend.


Good news for a dividend growth investor. A 10% increase!

When buying a dividend investment, always check the dividend payout ratio. I think GLW’s payout ratio is acceptable and sensible. They keep some of the earnings for other business purposes including research and development.

While 3% yield is nice, don’t overlook the payout ratio and growth rate.

It isn’t surprising to see that GLW is an investment within the following ETFs: VYM and DGRO. Eighty-six other ETFs also have GLW as an investment according to ETFCHANNEL.COM. LINK: