Based on January 27-31, 2020 many investors are fearful or at least nervous. They wonder, “What will happen next week? What should I do? Should I be selling or buying?” The first answer to this question, if you purchased good investments, is “Do nothing.” The second answer is, “Selectively buy more of the quality investments you already have over time.” You don’t have to buy everything at once.

Many of my readers and investing students know that I use Weiss Ratings as one way to monitor the quality of my investments. Weiss rates investments from A-to-E. “A” is generally a strong buy while “E” is don’t buy unless you like pain. That is why I monitor the quality of our investments using Weiss. As you can see, the top 25 are all C (Hold) or better.

Top 25 investments on 01/31/2020

The following are some other characteristics of the top 25:

This tells me more about why I don’t sell in a panic.

If you know why you bought an investment, using careful thinking, then you shouldn’t panic and sell it.