Although Fidelity Investments has tools for finding just the right ETF, their tool is a bit cumbersome and a bit complicated. I prefer to start with a simple tool to isolate a few ETFs to examine, and then go to Fidelity to dig deeper. I use Weiss Ratings, but Seeking Alpha lets you use their tool for free.

The Seeking Alpha ETF Screener is a fairly simple tool to get you started. You can look at ETFs by capitalization (Large, Medium, Small) or by sector – like energy. You can look at equities, fixed income, US stocks or international. The results can be sorted by clicking on column headings. For example, on the “Holdings” results page I clicked on “Holdings” to see which ETF had the largest number of holdings for diversification. See this example:

VDE has the largest number of holdings. Note Exxon Mobil’s prominence in these ETFs.

Here is the same set of energy companies with dividend yield as the focus:

Yield should not be your first criteria but know what it is.

This is just a starting point. You should have an eye on expense ratios, performance, dividend growth, the nature of the holdings and anything else you deem important for your own situation.

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