When I tutor a new investor, or when I am sharing my thoughts about a dividend-paying investment, I often repeat the same ideas. This is because these ideas are fundamental for success. Good teachers repeat the important concepts.

The main image above shows some of our investments. Some of our largest holdings are AAPL, ABBV, VLO, VYM and XEL. These are technology, health care, energy, ETF and a utility. Because I have entered our holdings in Seeking Alpha (the free version), I can quickly review our investments and verify that they continue to meet my requirements. Notice that XOM may be a danger point given the high payout ratio. When I buy a stock like Apple (AAPL), I always want to know these, in this order of importance:

If you enter your positions into Seeking Alpha, you can get a quick look at your positions (or stocks you are watching) and learn much of what you need to know.

Seeking Alpha data when I drill into AAPL.

If you have a Seeking Alpha free or paid account, this link can get you to the dividends page. https://seekingalpha.com/account/portfolio/dividends