“When I was your age…” – Cindie remembers mom saying this to one of mom’s great-granddaughters. Mom adored her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren. She liked to tell stories. Her stories helped me see the truth. One truth was that we needed to put material things in context and value them rightly. With that in mind, mom told Violet, “When I was your age, the only toys I had to play with were a pair of roller skates and paper dolls.” She understood the reality that we often think we are deprived until we see what others have experienced or are experiencing.

When I was in India in September, the reminders were frequent and powerful. Our standards for traffic control, street maintenance, garbage collection, medical care, clothes washing, water purity, water availability, electricity, government, freedoms, retirement, safety, housing, and even indoor comfort, are luxurious when compared with many millions in this world. Based on information from the following web site, the median per-capita annual income of a person living in India is $616. That means 683 million Indian people live on $1.69 or less per day per family member; I saw many of them with my own eyes.

But seeing is only part of the equation. Now the question is not “what will the government do help?” My thoughts aren’t to be, “I hope someone helps.” The question is “what can I do to help?” Cindie and I are prayerfully determining how we can help financially so that others will see spiritual and physical benefits. What will you do?

Link World Median Income http://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/median-income-by-country/