Peter Lynch gives good advice as this bull market continues. The last couple of days the bull has staggered, and this causes many investors to get a sick feeling in their stomachs. This is normal. However, when your stomach isn’t feeling good you don’t give up all hope. Most of the time the upset stomach will return to feeling normal unless you are feeding it something it shouldn’t have.

Your brain is a useful tool to build an investment strategy, and what you select for your investment mix should be done with care and thought. Don’t buy junk investments on gut instinct. After you buy quality investments, don’t sell them just because the roller coaster of the stock market is taking a dive. Hang on and your stomach will settle if you have patience.

If you don’t have a plan, and you don’t have quality investments, it is quite OK to feel sick. Perhaps that means you need to take some time to create a good plan and then pick investments aligned with your plan.

Here is the complete Fidelity interview with Peter Lynch: