Wallmine is a Powerful Tool Set

One of my readers, Greg, told me about a site he uses for some investment research. I completed a quick tour to see what it offers. The site is https://wallmine.com/. It is free to use the tools unless you want some premium features. The “passive investor” pays $20/month for no ads, unlimited portfolios, priority customer service and data import concierge.

Here is a portion of Greg’s message to me: “What I like is that much of the information is on one page. An aspect I also like is that you can run your cursor of the financial data and you get a pop-up with a short explanation, and more detail if you click on it. That’s a feature I thought your readers might be interested in. It provides a nice dividend growth chart and a good sample of competitors which you can open in their screener. There is a lot of good information on this site. It pretty much works for all types of investing products: stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, CEFs, BDCs.

Because I have a substantial investment in ETF VYM, I experimented with that ETF in the Wallmine site. This is easy to do: just enter the ticker symbol in the upper left “Search for tickers” box and you will be given a nice screen that contains many helpful pieces. If you scroll down, you can see information pertaining to dividend yield and the five-year dividend growth rate. There is also a helpful dividend growth graph. You can hover over each bar in the graph to see the annual dividend amount and the dividend growth percentage.

From Wallmine – hovered over the bar for 2019.

In fact, as Greg noted, there are many things on the screen that present pop-ups to help explain the data. So, for example, if you don’t know what “RSI” means, the pop-up tells you more about the overbought or oversold trending of the investment. You can also see the RSI graph on the graph portion of the page.

If you don’t know the ticker symbol, you should be able to find it by starting with a company name. For example, if you type “Apple” in the search box you will see several choices, including Apple, Inc (AAPL) and Apple Hospitality REIT, Inc (APLE). The information for a stock includes far more data points for the serious  investor.

Apple Inc from Wallmine. Note EPS, P/E and Dividend information.

As a dividend-oriented investor with a dividend growth strategy, this is a good way to see some of the key data elements for ETFs and stocks on one page.