It is best not to make a mess because that increases cleanup time and effort. Sometimes cleanup can be almost impossible for some messes. When I paint a wall, I tape the portions of the room that I don’t want painted and I put a tarp on the floor. This protects the wood and the floor.

When I use my computer, I have similar protections in place. You might think of these as my tarps for computing. This includes an up-to-date Windows 10 operating system, McAfee® Total Protection and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium software. I don’t click on links in email messages and I look at URL’s to make certain they are secure (https:// prefix). I avoid using public computers and I rarely use public wireless networks. I have very complicated passwords and I use LastPass to generate really goofy passwords that LastPass remembers for me. For example, LastPass creates passwords that look like this: “FKAU7wmS4KrGsAt”. Obviously, this password would be hard to guess and it is hard to remember. But I don’t have to remember it because LastPass does that for me.

There are many behaviors that can make a real mess on your computer. Avoid clicking on links in Facebook. Hover over a link to see where it is really going. Be suspicious, be suspicious, be suspicious!


Here is a link to a PDF from Schwab. It is worth reading and heeding. SCHWAB LINK