The best online broker, according to Wayne’s world, is Fidelity Investments. The reason is simple. Their online research tools more than satisfactory, their trading platform is excellent and they have a wonderful application called “Active Trader Pro.” My first recommendation for the best place to put your investment dollars to work is always Fidelity. But that doesn’t mean there are no other good choices. Just be careful to know what the COSTS are when you pick a broker.

My favorite top three are Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab and Vanguard. I would choose Vanguard only if you want low cost and good ETF choices and you aren’t concerned about doing a lot of online trading. Investopedia has brokers ranked by a number of different metrics. In addition to the “Best Overall Online Brokers”, they have ranked brokers by “Best for Beginners”, “Best for Low Costs”, (even though Fidelity isn’t in this list, they are very good in keeping costs low), “Best for ETFs”, “Best for ROTH IRAs”, “Best for IRAs”, “Best Web Trading Platforms” and others as well. In all of the categories that I think really matter, Fidelity is in the top three. In the two that I value the most, Fidelity is number one. Those two are “Best Overall Online Brokers” and “Best Web Trading Platforms.”

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