The third habit of successful people is the inverse of the previous one. The one last Monday was rest. The third one is to ‘take action.’ Many see needs and their solution is asking, “Why isn’t anyone doing something about this?” Successful people see a need and ask, “How can I be a part of the solution?

The Moving Times article about Mom

One evidence of this was seen in an article I found from the Summer 2004 “The Moving Times” published by Realty Executives Lakeshore in Mequon Wisconsin. The article written by Filomena Lea sounds just like Mom. In one paragraph it said, “Although she claims to be disorganized, she tackled her dilemma with a strategic plan. Shirley made a mental note of all of the housework, the repairs and the babysitting of contractors hired to do the work. ‘You know,’ she confides, ‘they never show up when they promise. That just wasn’t for me. I have too many other things I prefer doing – like sewing, Bible study classes, visiting my children and grandchildren and having the option of traveling to other parts of the world.’ She refers to a recent missionary trip she and 12 others took to Belize in Central America.

A portion of the article.

The very next paragraph starts with this sentence: “Her course of action was to downsize the home’s contents and find a suitable place to live.” See that word ‘action!’ I remember mom as being someone who saw how to use her time wisely and it wasn’t just sitting around. She would drive others to doctor’s appointments, prepare for and lead Bible studies in her apartment building and look for ways to help her children. She didn’t whine and complain about “why isn’t anyone doing something about this?” She saw a need in Belize, so she went to Belize. And when she went to Belize when she was in her 70’s.