If I told you that boring old Target Corporation (TGT) was a dividend champion, you might be surprised. Many boring companies have paid increasing dividends. A few, including Target, have paid increasing dividends every year for fifty or more years. In other words, Target is likely to give me a raise every year. Because we own 520 shares of Target, the increases can be very sweet.

Finding dividend champions would be difficult, if it weren’t for the work of David Fish and now Justin Law. A link to get to the champions is at Seeking Alpha and the link is shown below.

The Dividend Champions list is broken into three categories. This is based on how long companies have maintained the streak of annually increasing dividends:  1) Champions – 25 or more years; 2) Contenders – 10 to 24 years; 3) Challengers (5 to 9 years).

“The Dividend Champions list was created by David Fish in 2007 and is currently maintained by Justin Law. The Dividend Champions list may be obtained for free for personal, non-commercial use from the DRIP Investing Resource Center. Data in the Dividend Champions list is provided ‘as is’ with no guarantees of accuracy, completeness, or timeliness.” – From the Seeking Alpha article

Here is the download (I did some formatting) of the 50+ year Champions. We own shares of FRT and TGT.

Target may be boring retail, but it is one of my favorite investments.

Here is the download of a small portion of the Champions list:

Just a small sample of the Champions sorted by Ticker Symbol.

LINK: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4267750-dividend-champions-june-2019