Seeking Alpha has several great contributors. One of them is FerdiS. FerdiS has a daytime job as an effect’s artist at a well-known animation studio in the Bay Area. You can get to their Seeking Alpha topic list by entering this URL: FERDIS

The nice thing about his posts (and most Seeking Alpha posts) is that he shows the ticker symbols referenced in his article at the top. For example, for June 3-7 there are four shown: ARE, CBRL, TIF and UNH. Cindie’s mom owns shares of CBRL and I have shares of UNH. Therefore, I can quickly see what the news is. In addition, this makes it possible for me to take five minutes to evaluate ARE and TIF to see they fit my written investment plan requirements.

Notice the “Includes” to see at least some of the ticker symbols in this post.

Because I am following FerdiS, I get an email each time a new article appears. Seeking Alpha can be used at no cost.

Here is a link to this article: INCREASED DIVIDENDS