When I am asked “what investments should I buy?” my response sometimes surprises the listener. Many investment advisers recommend diversification, including a certain allocation to growth stocks, value investments, bonds and INTERNATIONAL. I am not the typical international investor, as I see few compelling reasons to invest in companies headquartered in Europe or Asia. I do see compelling reasons to invest in the USA and Canada, so 94% of our investments focus on North America. I buy Canadian banks and other financials, gold and silver miners and industrials like railroads.

If you must have an international allocation, several ETFs might fit your requirements. Bear in mind that higher turnover percentages means the ETF management is doing a lot of buying and selling of investments. That increases costs and means you will have to pay a higher expense ratio to get the benefit of the “expert.” If I were tempted to buy an international ETF, I’d consider IDV, DTHSDIV or DON.

A sampling of International ETF choices

Here are some things to think about if you decide to invest in something like SDIV:

Ask questions about ETFs: 1) What is the market cap strategy? 2) What sectors are weighted heavily? 3) What is the distribution yield and expense ratio?

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