Life is busy, even when you are retired. It should be. Life is short, so we should not waste the minutes. One thing my mom taught me by example was that her grandchildren were important. She prayed for them and she also spent as much time as she could with them. She showed love by doing so.

As a child I did not often get to spend time with my grandparents. My paternal grandmother Margaret died when I was young, and my grandpa Berger Winquist did not live close to us. My maternal grandmother wasn’t a very nice person. She drank too much, smoked and had other bad habits that I am certain were displeasing to my parents. She also did not live close by, and I have only vague memories of her. She was not a role model.

This morning Cindie and I had an opportunity to go to the Home Depot to be a part of a children’s craft project with our daughter and her family. I decided to help our youngest grandson build his bird house. I want him to remember me as a grandfather who was involved and who loved him. He hugged me twice after we finished the birdhouse and he told me that he loved me. That was not wasted time. It never is.

Ten Ideas for spending time with grand children: