Personal Capital (PC) is a helpful tool that is available on the web and on the iPhone. I generally use the web-based tools. There are some helpful views and tools within the PC applications. The featured image shows one such helpful view that takes information from your stocks, ETFs and mutual funds and gives you a summary version bar graph you can drill down into.

As you can see, one of the prominent sectors in our portfolio has to do with financial services. This includes banks, insurance companies, business development companies and investment companies. Health care and technology are also big parts of my investment strategy. PC makes it very easy to drill into the details and the site is easy to navigate. Furthermore, the price is right. It is a free tool.

Financial Services drill-down. The dollar amounts have been hidden in this illustration, but appear when using the tool.

Benefits of using this free tool include:

  1. A dashboard that shows net worth, cash flow, budgeting and portfolio balances.
  2. Being able to see your investments by sector.
  3. Ability to drill into the data. For example, what are my biggest financial sector investments?
  4. A retirement fee analyzer. My total fees are less than 0.01% of our investment total. What are yours?
  5. A retirement planner.
  6. Portfolio performance. There is a “You Index®” which you can then compare to the S&P 500, the DOW, the foreign (VEU ETF) index and the US Bond index (ETF AGG.) For example, so far this year our investments are up 10.05% as compared to 11.45% for the S&P 500. The Bond index is only up 1.19% YTD.

If you want to join for free, please use this link:

LINK for general access: