Proverbs 27:23-24 “Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds, for riches do not last forever…”

Many people say they don’t have any money left over after they pay the bills every month. There is nothing to share, to give or to invest. Let me encourage you to rethink your strategy. My mother often “saved” money on things like groceries so that she had more to give to those who had needs. I have another example to share that is related to medical costs.

Because my wife’s work is caring for her disabled, elderly mother, she does not have the luxury of company-provided, low-cost health insurance coverage. The insurance she had went up in cost at such a ridiculous rate, that she found an alternative. The alternative means we should be even more thoughtful about the costs and ask providers to give us the “self-pay” cost instead of their normal billed charges. The normal charges are what insurance companies might pay. In other words, the insurance company is being billed more than the individual might pay if they pay in cash.

We received an invoice for some medical services my wife received this month. The self-pay cost was significantly less than the “normal” charge. That caused me to think about how potential savings can be used or invested. Think of it this way, if you can cut expenses, you can increase giving or investing. That requires thoughtful discipline. If you were to invest each hypothetical savings, imagine what your total investment mix might look like ten years from today.

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